Happy November + and an Updated Autumn To Do

Happy November, y'all. Mr. Wonderful and I spent a hot minute in Charlotte to see his family and we've just returned. What fun it was but my- it was too short! I ate some nostalgic foods, did some damage at my favorite mall, and had a killer dance party with a very special 3 year old. It was splendid.  the evidence:

frost on the leaves
the cutest dorothy I ever did see!

frost on the leaves! it was chilly over the weekend- leave it to me to bring the cold with us to the south. and how cute is my niece?! she was the best trick or treater. grateful i was able to see her as dorothy and my nephew as a scarecrow (from the wizard of oz) this halloween!

my love and i in our favorite city

at romare bearden park. we just love this place!

lunch at luna's

some raw, vegan desserts at one of our haunts, luna's living kitchen. p.s. love their new digs!

house huntress on patrol in her favorite hood. love this home by pursley dixon!

driving through myers park never gets old. this is where my obsession with houses began way back in 2007. 

charlotte i love you
the duke building

and a few more shots of my favorite city- the queen city :) 

And now, an update on my Autumn to do!

crossed these things off the list

[formulate holiday pie recipces (pumpkin, pecan, and pear/apple.] got a little ahead of myself and already made bacon bouron pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and my millionaire's pear and apple pie (with crumble topping!) all keepers!

[make a gallette.] made and devoured last weekend. with quince and pears, no less. baking soda makes the pastry crisp and tender.

[create an apple cider cocktail.] did so in september. the secret is domaine canton, a delicious gingery vanilla liquer.

[experiment with cooking quince.] at $5 a fruit, we took a chance and used it in our gallette. and they are so delicious!

[make pear and apple sauce.] all that fruit from the orchard went to good use. threw in some applejack to make it grown up pear and apple sauce ;)

[go out for mexican food, a halloween tradition.]

[try p.f. changs, which recently opened near us. see what all the hype is about.] not sure what it's all about!

[find a faux fur infinity scarf, snood, etc. to spice up my coats]alas! i've been looking for 3 years for the perfect one. thank you, restoration hardware ;)

[buy some new uggs. I wore a hole in my beloved black pair after 2 years.] the cold weather warranted this purchase while on our mini vacay.

[make brunch for my mother in law.] so happy she came to visit us in October. Brunch was perfect!

still looming/didn't complete

[prune all plants for winter.]

[plan thanksgiving and christmas eve and christmas day meals.]

[make hot toddies. perfect the recipe in time for thanksgiving.]

[read two books per month. I was never an avid reader (always the writer)- but got the itch recently!] *eeek! this definitely did not happen. i'm almost finihed with one book. i'm a work in progess...

[get to stonecrop before they close for the season.] *well, I just didn't make it- time escaped me and it rained the week leading up to the end of stonecrop's season! rest assured, I'll be there in the spring.

[decorate pumpkins in a new way (sorry jack o'lantern, I'd like to try something else.) pinterest has my mind spinning with ideas!] *never got around to decorating. i got the pumpkins and didn't get past that... oh well. next year!

first, the not so successful things: I never made it to stonecrop. we really tried but the weather was so terrible- the thought of being outside in the cold rain did not sound appealing. I also was unable to decorate pumpkins this year... mental note: decorate them the weekend before! I also did not read two books- perhaps a little advantageous for a non reader to complete not one but two books! i'm really working on it, though. 

and now for the triumphs. I purchased some things that have been on my list for a while. new uggs (don't hate till you've walked miles in these shoes) and a faux fur scarf! I've been wanting one forever. i wore it over the weekend and it kept me warm and cozy. you will definitely want to add it to your christmas list. 

I've got a few weeks until winter sets in to get the rest done. 

cheers to a fruitful and happy november!


| kira |