Happy Halloween!

Greetings and Happy Halloween to you all! 

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can vividly remember all of my childhood costumes. I never purchased them because my nana made the most beautiful ones ever. I will never ever forget the year she dressed me up as a tube of crest toothpaste! I absolutely hated it at the time- what four year old would like it? But looking back on it now, it was adorable.

Nana is most definitely the reason I adore this holiday the most. She always took me trick-or-treating, hosted Halloween parties in my honor (I remember being a white bunny rabbit with a handmade pom-pom as my cottontail!) and totally decked out her front lawn as a graveyard. She was the best. Oh and she never gave away standard candy- she had to make everything her own. Popcorn balls in personalized gift baggies, anyone? 

halloween moodboard


Now as an adult, I enjoy all the seasonal activities that revolve around late October and Halloween. Each year on Halloween night we sit in our breezeway, candles lit, and reminisce about all the things I described above. We barely get any trick-or-treaters nowadays but that's okay. I am inspired by and enjoy the spirit of the day regardless. I think the memories and traditions are why. Oh and fear not, the future children of ours will love Halloween as much as I do. I'll have it no other way- nor would nana. 

Some newer traditions we've embraced include watching Hocus Pocus (favorite movie ever- SJP at her finest) and eating Mexican food on or around October 31st- don't know why Mexican but it's a thing, now! We also love heading to The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze to see thousands upon thousands of hand-carved pumpkin masterpieces. We make hot toddies and pumpkin pies. And dream about decorating our {someday} dream home to the nines in all black spooky decor.

Can you tell I love this holiday?  ;) 

What are your traditions? Wishing everyone a happy and haunted Halloween! 


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