Get Braided

Braids- I love them! But man, do I lack the patience to do them. My hair styling routine is wash+comb+let dry. That's it- super low maintenance- so taking the time to braid my hair is not a task I've ever grown accustomed to. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, eh? 

When I was little, my hair grew past my waist. And it was all one length. I remember my Nana would love to braid it back in the day (before I got a pixie cut!) These days, my hair is layered so braiding is a challenge with so many different lengths going on. My sisters-in-laws like to braid their hair and my niece has braids you'd envy. Our flower girl had little Heidi braids for our wedding and they were the most darling ever



Well, I wanted to share some hair-spiration or shall I call it, wishful thinking... because no matter how many tutorials I see about how to braid hair- let's be real- I just. can't. do. it.

And I'm okay with that.

If I could create any braid on myself, it'd have to be the fishtail. I am it loving it in as many forms as possible. It's perfectly messy (how I prefer it) and gives the hair depth, texture and so much interest. Serious hair envy goin' on over here! 

Do you braid your hair? Or have someone else braid it? What type of braid? I'd love to know!