The Secrets To Flawless Foundation

Six Steps To Your Most Flawless Face - Leigh Clair

A few weeks ago, my Mom and I were out enjoying a little fro-yo. It was hot and the sun was beating down on us. She complimented me on my makeup- specifically my foundation. I was so excited someone noticed because I had recently made some changes to my routine. 

With trial and error and my background in skincare, I feel like I finally have cracked the code for flawless foundation application (Hallelujah!) And what's more, I've solved the mystery of getting it stay in place all day long. Seriously, my Mom noticed how perfect my makeup was on a 90 degree day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!

Six steps. Not rocket science. Anyone and everyone can achieve amazing results. This is how it's done...

Step 1 - Let Everything Sink In

Before any makeup, wait 5 minutes after you apply your lotions, potions, serums, or even better (and much faster) the beauty cocktailMoisturized skin is essential to foundation going on smoothly. Apply right after your shower so your skincare can get started sinking deeply into your skin. 


Step 2 - Prime 

For the longest time, I wasn't using a primer. It's no wonder my makeup regularly faded by 3 o'clock. Primer will help your foundation stay put. And also make your face super smooth. Apply primer as soon as you're done with Step 1, evenly all over your face. Then the waiting game continues. If you have time, wait up to 5 minutes. But if you're short on it, 1 to 2 minutes will do. 

As far as primers, I've been loving this one by Hourglass and have my eye on this one from ItCosmetics.


Step 3 - Use a brush, not your hands!

Do yourself a solid and purchase a high quality synthetic liquid foundation brush. It will last for years, I promise. Our hands can carry germs and bacteria. We can easily and unknowingly spread them over our faces. This is a major no-no for clear, clean skin. Avoid using your hands at all costs, ladies. 

Need a great but not too pricy foundation brush? I l swear by my brushes from ItCosmetics, which you can find at Ulta. They have a serious selection and they are beyond soft. I love them. 


Step 4 - It's how you hold the brush

Run a little experiment on yourself. Pick up your foundation brush and notice where you hold it. I can almost guarantee you'll grasp closer to the bristles. This is where most of us go wrong. When you hold closer to the bristles, you naturally apply more pressure. This typically results in a streaky, uneven finish.

For the perfect foundation application, you want to apply thin layers of product with light pressure. This results in a soft, even finish. The easiest way to achieve this is by holding the brush more toward its end. You will feel less pressure of the bristles on your face with this technique and your foundation won't ever look cakey. If you need more coverage, keep painting on foundation with a light touch, layer upon layer, building up coverage as needed.

Bonus tip- Always dispense your foundation on the back of your non-dominant hand and warm the product with your brush. I like to start by brushing around the corners of my nose and up towards my cheeks. Then I brush my chin, nose, and end on my forehead. Make sure to blend into your hairline to get the most natural look, too!

My favorite foundation as of late is this one by Hourglass. It has a unique formula which goes on as a liquid and finishes like a powder. Obsessed. 


Step 5 - Don't forget to set

This step, along with your primer helps your foundation stay put all day long. A setting powder is the finishing touch and your secret weapon. You can use pressed powder or loose powder in either a tinted or translucent formula, whatever works best for you. Simply end your foundation application by lightly sweeping powder all over your face. This keeps everything in place, mattifies your skin, and bonus- is wonderful for touch ups during the day. 

I'm loyal to Bare Minerals' Mineral Veil and ItCosmetics' Celebration Foundation


Step 6 - Keep things clean

Always a cardinal rule. A clean brush=a clean face. Bacteria and dirt love to cozy up in your makeup brushes over time. So keep things sanitary by washing your brushes and wiping your products down regularly. I clean everything once a week. You can follow this handy guide to keeping everything in your beauty repertoire clean and sanitized for your best skin ever. 

There you have it- my secrets to beautiful, even, and long lasting foundation each time! How do you like to apply your foundation? Liquid, powder, both? Do you have any tips worth sharing? Let me know in the comments!