My Favorite Instagrammers: Charlotte Architect Edition

Do you love a good before and after (and progress shots in between?) Then you need to follow these accounts on Instagram. Especially if you live in the Queen City! You might even recognize a house or two...

This post got me wondering... What's your favorite part of a renovation or build? My favorite moment is when everything is ripped down to the studs- to the barest of bones. The in between. Because at this moment in time, anything is possible. Visions of what could be flood my mind. That short snippet in time when a home is about to undergo a major transformation and is still in the "ugly duckling" stage- that makes me tick. There's so much potential. It moves me. It's no wonder I work in the business of all things "home." 

And in case you thought I was veering off track, the reason I'm sharing my three favorite architects on Instagram (Charlotte edition!) is because I love their 'before,' 'in between,' and 'after' shots. Transformations, y'all, transformations

We are so lucky to have these talented folks living right here in Charlotte! Here's who you should be following on Instagram for your daily dose of architectural inspo no matter where you live!

Pursley Dixon Architecture


What isn't there to love?! From dormers to marble clad master "spas," I am transported every time they post a new photo. I especially love the progress shots and close ups of the small (and often overlooked) details. Details are their thing. This account's hashtag is 'buildbeautifulthings' and they don't disappoint. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 1.38.38 PM.png

Greg Perry Design


Okay, well Greg Perry isn't technically an architect but that doesn't mean his creations are lacking in any department. With lots of behind the scenes looks and vignettes of recently completed projects, this Instagram account displays Perry's ability to mix old with new. 

Ruard Veltman Architecture


This account is a little bit of everything- certainly the most "personal" of the bunch. Ruard is uber talented and I get far too excited when I see a new project in the works or a new locale he's visiting. I've been keeping tabs on his California projects (so gorgeous!) even though I'm partial to the local Charlotte ones ;)

And there you have them, my three favorite Charlotte based home centric Instagram accounts.  Give them all a follow! I promise you'll love seeing what they're up to! And see what projects you recognize (maybe only obsessed home freaks do this?) Maybe you've instagrammed one of their projects. Guilty on all three counts- here, here, and here ;) 

Yup, definitely an obsessed home freak I am...

Who else should I be following on Instagram for progress shots, homes, interiors, and inspiration? Let me know, I can't get enough! 


Featured images by Pursley Dixon Architecture