The Secret for Curled Lashes All Day Long

#1 tip for lashes that hold a curl all day

Confession: I have stick straight lashes. Fortunately, they are substantial in length but other than that, they just sort of exist. I envy my mom's lashes, which she passed on to my little brother- like- really, genetics? And my husband's lashes- I just look at them and dream they're mine. 

So, what can a girl do? It is my firm belief that we all want what we can't have- so truth be told, I've been curling my lashes since I was 14. No matter the mascara formula- volumizing, curling, lengthening- and with precise eyelash curling technique- my lashes only held the mascara's pigment. They sat there, almost instantly falling down to their usual straight form. 

Fast forward 11 years and I finally have figured out how to keep lashes curled all day long. It's not complicated, it just involves 2 things:

Secret for Curled Lashes that stay CURLED!
Secret for Curled Lashes that stay CURLED!


That's all you need. Sidenote: it's gotta be a Shu Uemura curler. It just does. It was the first one I bought and nothing else compares. They last a good while and you can really feel the quality. And for mascara- it's totally personal. Maybelline, YSL, Covergirl- whatever floats your boat- just make sure it's waterproof. I've been loving Diorshow Blackout. Oh and pick up some eye makeup remover while you're at it. I've been using this one. Waterproof mascara requires a little more effort to get off. But hey, the whole flirty lash thing is totally worth it. 

Now, what's the groundbreaking discovery? The Waterproof-ness, of course. Recently, I purchased 3 mascaras in my quest for mascara that keeps a curl. I kept the third and returned the other 2 (tragic, I know!) The third was waterproof. (A-ha moment, anyone?) And it's the only one that kept my lashes curled. And I mean curled. From morning to night. Seriously. 

What I love about this simple tip is that I need not purchase anything specialized or do something semi-permanent. And while Queen Bey might favor her mink falsies or extensions or whatever they are, us normal girls have to keep it real. Ain't. nobody. got. time. for. that! 

Hip-hip-hooray for curled lashes all day.