The Coolest Tattoos

I'm so getting a tattoo, or two, or three...

Lena Flash Tattoo


Here's the reality: I think tattoos are cool. But in the long run, I just can't commit to one. The thought of me at 65 with some ink... well that just scares me. So what better way to feel the thrill of the chase than with a temporary tattoo? I've seen a few neat ones but they're all a bit too cutesy and colorful for my liking. What's a fashionista/tat-a-phobe to do?

I sort of forgot about them for a while...

Then I re-pinned something that I thought was jewelry but was in fact- a temporary tat! Fascinated and delighted, I clicked through the entire collection of Flash Tattoos, which are inspired by beautiful, metal jewelry- rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, cuffs, and more.

Gold Fish Kiss Flash Tatoo
Nikki Flash Tattoo

There's something for everyone- go beachy, go boho,  go floral, go classic. You can make it flashy or keep it simple. I'd love to put a delicate, subtle one on my forearm or wrist. But I can see stacking some rings or bracelets, too. Oh and perhaps putting a Flash Tat on my ring finger would ease my anxiety about losing my wedding rings on the beach or in the pool! Anyone else worry about that?! 

Josephine Flash Tattoo
Zahra Flash Tattoo

Seriously, these tattoos are beautiful. They'll make you do a double take. Think of them as the older, wiser, chicer sister of their predecessors. They work just like the temporary tattoos you applied as a kid- cut to size, damp cloth, apply, then peel away. And to remove, just some baby oil... you know the drill. They last up to 6 days. Oh and bonus- they're nontoxic.

Tat me up, baby!