Comfort (Food) Zone

I love asking people: "What's your ultimate comfort food?" Their expression promptly changes- the look of bewilderment in their eyes consumes them. They usually respond "Oh my gosh- I don't know! Really, I can only pick one?!" I say "Yes, only one. Make it count!" It's not an easy question to answer. 

So, I got a sampling from family and friends with answers including: chicken wings, penne alla vodka, pizza, chocolate cake, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, etc. Now, I had a hard time answering my own question, too...keep reading to find out!

comfort food



There was a major battle between chips+guacamole and a bagel+lox. And although I can single-handedly take down an order of chips and guacamole (with a margarita in hand, preferably) I simply can't get enough of a fresh, warm, crisp on the outside/doughy on the inside New York bagel. Necessities include veggie cream cheese, capers, and a squeeze of lemon on that salmon. Oh and a sprig of dill if we wanna get fancy. Perfection. If I could eat one each morning, trust me, I would.

]Nah, I'd eat two. 

Now, why did the bagel win over the chips+guac? Well, memories and nostalgia have a lot to do with it. Every Christmas morning, we eat (you guessed it) my fave. It just reminds me of those special moments spent with family.

They're also a symbol of home. And although you can get a great bagel outside New York, nothing really compares to those made here (biased? you bet.) I don't know if it's that taste of home in my belly or what, but this is my ultimate comfort food. 

What's your favorite comfort food? You can only pick one! (It's like the Olympics of Food!) Sweet or savory? Do you make it yourself or buy it? Does it trigger any memories? Eager to hear your favorites.