Clean Slate

it's not often this space gets personal but I wanted to do something a little different today, folks. I recall watching the oprah winfrey show a few years ago where women from all over the world were being featured. specifically, one quote has stuck with me all this time from a family in Copenhagen:

less space, less things, more life. 

It's a bit early, but really, it's never too soon to think about self improvement. The holidays are such a lovely time- filled with family, delicious food, shopping till we drop, busyness... excess. Around December, I get the itch for starting new, starting fresh- leaving all that stuff behind for a good long while and focusing on what's important in life. the word simplify comes to mind. 

How about you?

Although I despise the cold weather, snow, and dismal days of winter, I know that January provides me with a mental reset, a clean slate.

A clean slate to me is far more than a singular new year's resolution built around food/wanting to get in physical shape (although those are both very important.) it's a reminder to strive for the things that are most important to us. a clean slate is a great way to kick things off in a different direction (if you need one- like i did last year) or remind you to renew the pledge you've made to yourself already (what i'm doing this year.) 

thinking about a clean slate

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my clean slate mindset encompasses whole-body health and overall wellbeing. Think: a nourishing diet, daily exercise, happiness, letting go of material things, clutter (be it physical or mental) practicing habits that improve us as people (being nice, saying hello, holding the door for others, etc.,) nurturing relationships that enrich our lives, eliminating the ones that are toxic, and making the best choices we can.

All these aspects add up to who we are and how we feel as human beings. or so, this is what I've discovered since embarking on this new journey one year ago. 

Just a little backstory: In December 2013 I had just quit my job and felt completely lost. i wasn't really living for me, but rather, for others. I was turning 25 in the spring and freaking out (quarter life crisis!) I had just started this site (talk about new chapter,) and My mind was in a million places, to say the least. something (or many things) needed to change. 

In order to move past all that, I sought to create my own life, unleash my voice, and find my personal focus. This was no short term undertaking, rather an entire lifestyle reboot in search of true happiness.

well,  I've been diligently working at it for a year. I have never felt so fulfilled. But I'm far from perfect. Not that perfection is what I'm striving for. Happiness is my guiding light, remember? In life, all I want is to be happy. My one hope for my husband is for him to be happy. Same goes for my family. I want the best for them, always. 

When happiness is your pure motivation, trust that you will find it (or it will find you,) as your choices and actions lead you there. It's really quite simple.

I've created a board on pinterest that elicits all I'm getting at in this post. Finding happiness, fresh starts, out with old/in with the new, simplifying, being active, eating clean, practicing healthy habits, promoting kindness and love, always learning, and never giving up on oneself. 

as important as resolutions are to make, what's ever crucial is to live them every single day. this board is my reminder :)

if you're up for some inspiration, please join me!

looking forward to a bright and joyous 2015!