Tricks To Feeling Like Fall

Although we’ve just *officially* entered into Fall, this Northern girl in Florida has been missing her favorite season! I’ve always loved the anticipation of Autumn, the cooler temps dictating my wardrobe of sweaters & boots, the leaves changing and most of all, heading to the farm to pick fresh apples, pumpkins and pears! My parents, who live in New York, have sent us two boxes of apples fresh from the farm already (insert cry/laughing face emoji here.) Thanks Mom and Dad!

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore the Sunshine State! Going to the beach and dining al fresco any day of the year is a true treat! But this is the first time I haven’t experienced the changing of seasons, temperature wise. North Carolina, where we were for a few years, has a true Fall and we loved taking the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway west to Asheville, Blowing Rock and Boone this time of year for our Fall fix. I’m sensing a trip North this time next year…!

But since I won’t be sporting a turtleneck, picking apples fresh from the tree or leaf peeping anytime soon, here are some tricks I’ve devised to help get me in the Fall spirit no matter what the forecast is.

How To Make It Feel Like Fall |

Make The BEST Pumpkin Spice Latte At Home

While I’m not into pumpkin spice everything, I will say I do crave a seasonal drink. (I’ve got an entire highlight reel saved on my Instagram about drinks, too fyi!) Starbucks’ PSL to me, tastes like chemicals and is sickly sweet. It also has dairy, which my body doesn’t tolerate. I’ve created the yummiest PSL of all time that’s dairy free, refined sugar free and only has a handful of ingredients. Here’s the how-to!

Watch a Fall Movie

Town & Country made a great list with classics like Dead Poets Society and You’ve Got Mail. They just forgot one of the most important films of all time… Hocus Pocus!

Simmer A Pot of Cinnamon on the Stove

This is a little trick my Mom has done forever, no matter the season (it reminds me of home so much!) Get a small simmering pot, preferably one you don’t use too often. Fill it with water and put 15 to 20 shakes of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice in and let bubble away on low for at least a half hour. It will fill your house with the intoxicating and sweet smell of Fall. Bonus- it works wonders to nix strong cooking scents, ahem… salmon!

Make a Pie

Fall seems to bring out the baker in us all! Making a homemade pie is such a fun way to spend a Sunday (especially after spending Saturday at the apple orchard!) But since we don’t have orchards here with pears, apples and pumpkins, in the words of Ina Garten, store bought is fine of course! Kevin loves pie AND fruit crisps/crumbles so I created a fusion of the two. True story: it’s amazing. Check out my recipe here. There’s nothing better than a slice of it along with a cup of piping hot black coffee.

Make a Hot Toddy

Is there anything a hot toddy can’t cure? I got into hot toddies a few years ago after a friend made one for me during a wicked snowstorm. Now, they’re a Thanksgiving tradition at our house. But they’re so easy to whip up and pair especially well with a fall movie, cozy socks and the couch. Recipe for our classic citrus cider hot toddy HERE!

Switch Up Your Scent

Scent is so incredibly powerful! It can elicit memories and moods- something I learned making cosmetics. Why not evoke the feeling of Fall? Swap your current scent for something a little spicier, sultrier. Come September, my signature Orange Blossom perfume takes a back seat to Mimosa & Cardamom (both by Jo Malone, the best personal scents if you ask me!) This tiny change gets me in the Fall spirit one spritz at a time.

Let me know if you have any special, seasonal traditions so I can add them! And happy Fall, friends!

Kira Semple