The Best Juice+Smoothie Bars in Charlotte

The Best Cold Pressed Juices and Smoothies in Charlotte, NC |

Luna's Living Kitchen (Southend, Southpark)

Luna's has been one of my favorite places for a long time. Their food is so inventive and more importantly, delicious! The same can be said about their juice! Disclaimer: it's my favorite juice in Charlotte. There are a few juices I steer away from because let's be honest, it tastes so much better with a little apple or carrot thrown in. Note to self: avoid the 'My Daily Salad' juice. My favorites are Kale Pearadise, Zinger, Volcano. Their almond milk is amazing as well. 

Juice not your thing? Luna's smoothie menu is on point! I love each and every one but Mint To Be and Incan Warrior are my favorites. You can also sub things out or add extras in. I've been known to request spinach to my smoothies! 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for their juice truck, which I've seen regularly at Hilliard Studio Method! 

Juicebar (Cotswold, Park Road Shopping Center)

Juicebar is a Charlotte staple .The entire Dickens Mitchener team is obsessed and you can find someone with juice in hand more often than not. Their Sweet Greens and Fresh Greens mixed is my favorite. Orange You Glad is also amazing. 

Smoothie wise, Juicebar has THE BEST SMOOTHIES IN CHARLOTTE. They are thick (which is how I make mine at home!) because they never use ice. Ice is a major no-no in my book for smoothies. I love every one of their smoothies! For something light and refreshing, I order Mint To Be (totally different than Luna's option) and Orange You Smooth. For something more indulgent, Coffee Janet is amazing! I never would have thought to put coffee granules in a smoothie! But it will change your life. 

Clean Juice (Birkdale, Stonecrest)

Clean Juice is another Charlotte area gem with a hefty following. So popular, in fact, they're expanding like crazy! I'm most excited for the Southend location to open up this summer. But Uptown, Plaza Midwood, Southpark, and Steele Creek will all have Clean Juice franchises soon. From their juice menu, I love The Wakeup One (with spinach) and The Energy One. For a sweet treat, their Cashew Milk is always a good idea. 

Clean Juice has pretty good smoothies. My only complaint is that they can vary in consistency from day to day and from location to location. I stick to the So Basic One, the Recovery One, and the Healthy Heart One. 

Where are your favorite juice and smoothie places in town?! I'm always on the lookout!