Autumn To Do List

an autumn to do list


I saw a sign hanging in a store over the weekend. It said 68 days till Christmas!

I was both thrilled and astounded, as time has been passing by so rapidly. Come Christmas, the allure of the holiday season will have faded and then I know, I'll be gearing up for a very. long. winter. My boots will be on till my birthday and the flowers will be hiding until then, too. And so it goes...

But! Where did Autumn go!? I still need to soak as much of it up as I can. 

Autumn is like our last hurrah- and I have a list of things I'd like to try and accomplish. Well, perhaps not accomplish (some pies can be a failure) but at least attempt. And have a ton of fun whilst doing them! As you will see, lots of things are food related. I really do love cooking. And have seemed to take up baking this year, too. 

Enter my...

2014 Autumn To Do List

[prune all plants for winter.]

[formulate holiday pie recipces (pumpkin, pecan, and pear/apple.] got a little ahead of myself and already made bacon bouron pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and my millionaire's pear and apple pie (with crumble topping!) all keepers!

[make a gallette.] made and devoured last weekend. with quince and pears, no less. baking soda makes the pastry crisp and tender.

[make hot toddies. perfect the recipe in time for thanksgiving.]

[create an apple cider cocktail.] did so in september. the secret is domaine canton, a delicious gingery vanilla liquer.

[experiment with cooking quince.] at $5 a fruit, we took a chance and used it in our gallette. and they are so delicious!

[make pear and apple sauce.] all that fruit from the orchard went to good use. threw in some applejack to make it grown up pear and apple sauce ;)

[read two books this month. I was never an avid reader (always the writer)- but got the itch recently!]

[get to stonecrop before they close for the season.]

[decorate pumpkins in a new way (sorry jack o'lantern, I'd like to try something else.) pinterest has my mind spinning with ideas!]

[go out for mexican food, a halloween tradition.]

[try p.f. changs, which recently opened near us. see what all the hype is about.] not sure what it's all about!

[find a faux fur infinity scarf, snood, etc. to spice up my coats.]

[buy some new uggs. I wore a hole in my beloved black pair after 2 years.]

[plan thanksgiving and christmas eve and christmas day meals.]

[make brunch for my mother in law.]

So there you have it! Of course I am probably forgetting lots of things but, at least this way I can sort of hold myself accountable for the items I did remember! Ha!

Wishing everyone a very happy, enjoyable rest of the season. 

P.S. fun things to do around here and some fabulous fall sweaters to snag before they're gone!