I'm going going, back back, to Charlotte Charlotte

Thanks, Biggie for the uh-- the artistic license. You know that song right?

Greetings, y'all. Y'all- I sometimes catch myself using the word, although by nature, it feels odd. Guess I've picked it up from my in-laws. Anyway, I'm so excited because we are Charlotte-bound today. We love it here so much- it just feels like home. There's a bit of nostalgia involved because this is where my husband and I went to college for a little while, lived together for the first time, got our first big kids jobs, gardened and played house...you know, all the fun things you do as 18 year olds (NOT! keyword=old souls.) I treasure these trips because unfortunately, we can't move to the Queen City quite yet. But I know we'll get there someday.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

Walking in Freedom Park, the Greenway, and the Romare Bearden Park in uptown. It may not be warm for the natives in February, but I need me some vitamin D! 

Eating at Luna's Living Kitchen. SO DARN TASTY. I have to get my butt to Manhattan for anything close to this.

Fast Food at Chick-Fil-A, Cookout, and Chipotle. These places don't exist here....!

Dinner reservations at Vivace, Dean & DeLuca Wine Room, the list goes on (we heart food- did you notice the last 3 things relate to it?!)

Retail therapy at Capitol (I have a crush on their shop,) Phillips Place and Southpark and Northlake Malls. I'm ready to score some deals on winter clothes. Did you know winters here last till April? (that was sarcastic but not really.) 

And most importantly, spending time with family and friends! It's been far too long since we've seen them. 

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo -K