Fleur 03 | The Formula

fleur | leigh clair

Greetings. Thanks for taking the time to learn my method for foolproof flower arranging at home! Let's talk about the selection of flowers, greens, etcetera. Remember I mentioned something about harmony between everything in your arrangement? Of course there is no exact science- it's meant to be mixed up.

This rule of thumb helps me stay focused when I'm shopping for flowers because it's far too easy to get carried away. Been there, done that, loved it! But sure didn't like the bill. This guide also helps my arrangements from looking too cookie-cutter perfect and ensures there is a natural flow within my work. I prefer a natural, organic look to my flowers. Find out below the who, what and why of your selection. 

leigh clair | general formula
peony | leigh clair
ranunculus | leigh clair
floral selection

My, we're almost done covering the basics of floral arranging at home. 

In case you've missed it, I've shared: essential tools + supplies,  how to build your foundation, and now you know my general rule of thumb for selecting flowers. 

The big reveal is coming up as well as tips I've picked up over the years. Does the thought of a cake stand + florals sound odd to you? You'll find out! Until next time fleuristas...