Bon Weekend!

TGIF! Any plans for this weekend? Husband and I are going to the Guggenheim. I'm mildly embarrassed to admit this will be my first time (I was an Art History major! Gasp!) But, what can you do? I'll also be doing some research on places to visit for our annual trip to North Carolina next month (Charlotte and Raleigh.) So if you know of any extraordinary shops or out of this world restaurants, please share! Hope you all have a great weekend- it's supposed to warm up a bit! Here are a few links of things that made my week, I want to read and try. Enjoy. 


SEE   The Girl With a Pearl Earring at the Frick Collection- she's pretty famous! Check her out before she's gone on the 19th!

BUY   This cashmere infinity scarf. Husband gave me not 1 or 2 but 3 of these bad boys. They keep you warm without bulk! Bonus- they're on sale now! 

READ   While chatting with some museum goers this week, I heard about this book- which revolves around one of the paintings on view at the Frick along with Vermeer, Rembrandt and Hals! 

EAT   Deviled Eggs. They keep popping up in recipe books, cooking shows, and conversation. Never had a one I've particularly liked. These look promising. Sriracha? Yes, please!