The Leigh Clair Dossier

A fresh take on the little black book, containing a carefully curated selection of products, techniques, recipes, and more.

With this series, I hope to share with you things that make life ______. Easier, better, more enjoyable, time saving, more fabulous...fill in the blank. It could be a life changing pair of jeans or the perfect margarita; a fool-proof plan for entertaining or a simple trick I follow to make laundry less of a pain.

The Leigh Clair Dossier is here as a guide. I enjoy researching, testing, and trying all types of products, recipes and techniques in hope of the search. ending. there. And I love sharing them with you. 

Don't you love when you've finally found the an amazing mascara or the ultimate biscuit recipe? Or perhaps, you haven't quite found them yet. It is my hope that everyone finds their perfect match(es!) Read along to see what you may discover in my new series, LC Dossier.