Packing Light

Pack light- hasn't someone told you this before? I'm really going to try to pare down for our upcoming trip to North Carolina. Each time we travel, my husband asks me to lessen my load because, well, as any southern gentleman would, he carries my bags. I recall our first trip together- we were flying from JFK to Charlotte (by ourselves/barely 17 years old/are we crazy?) He had one backpack (expert in packing light) and I had a carry-on, purse, and one suitcase to be checked. He picked them all up without question. Startled New Yorker that I am asked "Why are you carrying my bags? You don't have to...." He said "I'll always carry your bags- forever." So, this is for you, love. I'll keep practicing what you preach.

Here I've rounded up my picks to help you pack light(er) and in style of course! An ultra chic water bottle, a minimal girl "wallet", a light duffel, ballet flats- natural space savers (duh!), a signature scent to-go, a journal because who knows when inspiration will strike, a tiny candle to make you feel at home, and a cashmere throw for those chilly flights. 

Pack Light Guide