Hi, I'm Kira! 

Kira Semple

I'm so glad you're here! I'm a twenty-something writer and real estate broker who started blogging about my favorite things in 2010 with encouragement from my then boyfriend, now husband, Kevin. I signed up for Blogger, wrote my first post about a flower stand in Grand Central Terminal and have been sharing ever since... 

With an affinity for writing from the time I was little, this space has evolved into a diary reflecting where I'm living, what I'm loving and tips anyone can apply to their lives. Whether it's about skincare, mixing the perfect margarita or interior design trends I'm discovering in the field, this is where you'll find what's inspiring me. 

I believe in the transformative power of afternoon tea, fresh flowers and the ocean. My signature drink is a glass of sparkling rosé and I am happiest when hosting family & friends at home. I'm an Anglophile, cat lady and proponent of neutrals- because committing to a color scares me too much!

Want to know more? Drop me a line: kira@kirasemple.com

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